If you or your child are seeking to excel in exams, I offer complete guidance throughout the process. For ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) exams, using the marking scheme to our advantage and applying experience from years of feedback from examiners, we will achieve the best possible results while saving valuable time and effort.


If you’re looking to compose music, this is a subject I am passionate about. With a degree in composition from the London College of Music and much experience since, I can help you understand how to compose in the styles and structures of many forms of music, from sonata to fugue. Have a look at some of the subjects we can explore in this pdf.


Understanding how music works gives your playing confidence while speeding up the learning process. You should spend some time becoming more familiar with theory then put the new knowledge to practical use. ABRSM have a series of workbooks that will greatly improve your learning. I offer tutorials that focus specifically on building a strong foundation in music theory.


If you have music you’d like help or feedback with, or you are interested and don’t know where to start, I can help to inspire you with some fresh ideas and methods. I am passionate about many contemporary styles of music and the process of writing and recording songs.


Students are invited to attend concerts to practice performing and to meet each other. After a few performances as part of a friendly and supportive group, you will find yourself feeling much more at ease and able to bring out the best in your performance when the time comes to display your art. The concerts are a great way to meet fellow students of music who share your interests.