This quiz will test your ears and your understanding of functional harmony. With practice you will develop an instinctual ear and understanding of these questions and answers, then it will be possible to play such music on your first try after only listening to it.

Rules of the quiz:

  • Listen to the Brahms Lullaby as played on piano by Alfred Cortot
  • The questions refer only to the first theme, from 0:00 to 0:46
  • Do not use any other resources than this recording, your piano and your ears
  • When finding the key, bear in mind the tuning may not be exact so try to find the closest match. Good luck!

Welcome to your Listening Quiz

Is it in a major or minor key?

What is chord I?

The first chord change is at 0:15-0:16. Which chord does it change to?

When does it change to the next *new* chord?

What chord is this?

Can you identify a dominant 7 on any of the chords?

What is the time signature?

In which clef would you expect the melody?

How many minor chords are there?

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